We asked and you responded! Municipal report card results are in

Back in mid-summer, residents were asked to complete a performance survey which focused on both the city and the commissioners first year in office.
 A total of 484 people responded.
Scoring ranged from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest (poor) and 5 being the highest (excellent).

Overall, on the five survey questions posed to residents, the city averaged a 3.7 rating.

Additional insights included:

• Respondents ranked the city during commissioners first year in office as being between good and very good (3.7).
• On the question regarding on which issues has the city made the most improvement, the top three responses were: events, communication and road improvements.
• When asked on which issues the city needed the most improvement, the three top responses were: street care, traffic safety, lower taxes
• When asked where residents look for news and information on the city, the top answers were: The Current, local papers, and city web site.  Only 1.1% of residents responded that they get their information from commission meetings.
• When asked what other businesses would you like to see come to Ventnor, the top responses were: restaurants, bars, Dunkin’ Donuts and retail.
• Responses to the question, “Have you ever been to a commission meeting?” yielded the following:

      Yes – 24%
      No – 70%
      Did not respond – 6 %

The commissioners appreciate the input and would like to thank all of those who took the time to respond.

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