Important Message from Ventnor Water Department

Last week an article was posted in a Facebook group called the Ventnor New Jersey Community Forum. The article, titled "45 N.J. Towns that have harmful Pollutants in Drinking Water," alleges that contaminants were detected across the State’s water supplies. The article listed the following compounds as a potential risk. In Ventnor, the compounds listed below meet Federal and State Drinking Water Standards. 

If you have any questions regarding the water quality in the City of Ventnor, please contact Ernest Gratz, Superintendent of Water & Wastewater at egratz@ventnorcity.org or by phone at 609.823.7935

Compound                        NJDEP Standard                        Ventnor City’s Water Test

Total Trihalomethanes        80ppb                                           None Detected to 11 ppb
(Coliform, Bromoform, Dibromochloromethanes and Dichlorobromomethane - Combined) 

Radium                               228 5 pCi/L                                      0.487 pCi/L
Perfluorooctanoic Acid          0.4 ppb                                          None Detected
Arsenic                               5 ppb                                             None Detected
Chromium                          100 ppb                                         None Detected

pCi/L    - picocuries per liter
ppb      - parts per billion

Our annual Consumer Customer Report 2016 is listed on the Ventnor City Website (http://ventnorcity.org/ccr/) with more compounds analyzed. Hardcopies are available at Public Works, Ventnor Library, and the Water Tax Office.

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